Bottle of Tiny Dice & Custom Wholesale Orders

Just so everyone is clear, the tiny dice are .50 cents each. Not .50 cents for the entire bottle! Never-the-less someone, somehow, bought the whole bottle for .50 cents.  I do not know how this transaction occurred as it states on the tiny dice sign that the tiny dice are 2 for $1.00, and a little bottle holding all the tiny dice is right by this sign!

I will admit that the sticker on the bottle said – “tiny dice, .50 cents each”, and maybe that was confusing, but.. There were 120 tiny dice in that little bottle! I am a little upset about this, as I think anyone would be. For this reason, I will be re-doing some things in my store, including some serious re-labeling!

That being said.. It sounds like there are a few people are interested in purchasing products in bulk from me.  I’ve decided to offer a selection of bulk items from my store at wholesale prices.*  If you want, I can even provide you with a fancy jar to put the bulk items in – just like the displays in my shop!  Email me at for custom and wholesale inquiries.

*Terms and conditions may apply.  A minimum of 25 individual items should be included in your wholesale order. I am now taking custom wholesale orders for these items:

  • Tiny Dice
  • The Tiniest Bottles
  • Worry Dolls